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Ilenia Farina
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Ilenia Farina

Founder e CTO - neWmatt

Ilenia Farina is the co-founder and CTO of Newmatt. She actively participates in the R&D activities of the company and the design and fabrication of interior design products. Ilenia leads and coordinates the Newmatt projects dealing with fashion accessories.

She received a BSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Salerno, a Post Graduate Certificate in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Sheffield (UK), a MSc in Civil Engineering and a PhD in Energy Science and Engineering from the University of Naples Parthenope, where she is currently active as a research assistant in Materials Engineering.

Ilenia is author of numerous scientific publications and one patent on the subject of innovative materials for sustainable engineering. She has been awarded  the  “Bdr2017 Award – Category Green Economy” for Newmatt.